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Friendly Faces provides a supportive service and a helping hand to everyone and anyone who needs it. Since 2015, we have provided our one-of-a-kind support, companionship and home help, which is tailored to individual requirements.  

We are proud to be a reliable source of help, support, mentoring, all practiced with compassion and understanding,

There is limited support in the community that recognises that support needs to be tailormade for each person, which needs to be also be effective and trustworthy. 

Our support has increased for some clients and  for others it has been support to help get back on track of things. 

Due to our support being personalised,  we have achieved great results in practice, in doing so we have enabled so many people to live a fuller life whilst still being in control.

We continue to be a modern and forward thinking company,  but still keeping traditional reliable service.  

We look forward to adapt support for the times and needs ahead.

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